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Square One is a common term for a reference point from which to grow. Together we will create that reference point and help you to understand your deep goals and to find new resources. Our work together will be holistic, meaning that we will consider the larger picture while working with particular goals or problems. We will work toward clarity, being clear on where you are and what you need. As a counselor, coach, or mentor, I will offer an approach that is:


Our work together should have positive affect in your everyday life. Part of the work will be experiential. We will include actual practices to help establish new patterns, cultivate healthy action, and increase the value of your relationships. 


We will draw from somatic psychology and ecopsychology in our work together.  This orientation will not define us, but it will serve as resource and reference point. Somatics focuses on the body-mind and how it works. Ecopsychology focuses on the greater world and natural processes.


As we tend to problems like trauma, anxiety, depression, stress, grief, and scattered attention, we will identify and grow positive and supportive networks. Beyond symptom mitigation, we will move toward greater happiness and agency.


We will court conscious self-knowledge. This means an approach that is focused on sharing useful knowledge, practices, and perspectives. Knowledge may come in the form of discussion, sharing pertinent education about the body, the psyche, or the ecological environment, or through direct experiences.

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About Matt Fogarty

Matt has been graced with many guides, counselors, mentors and coaches to whom he cannot possibly express enough gratitude. Matt is a Washington State Certified Counselor. He has an M.A. in Transpersonal Psychology with a focus on ecopsychology from Naropa University and a B.A. in English and Nature Studies from Hampshire College. He has worked as an instructor for Fairhaven College and a therapeutic behavioral health clinical associate for Alaska Crossings wilderness therapy program. He has spent 20 years studying and teaching Chinese martial arts as a transformation of violence. Matt invested 5 years apprenticing and coaching as a structural rehabilitation therapist, a body-based therapy focused on decompressing the skeleton and promoting courage, integrity, and pain-free strength. He is an active member of a Somatic Experiencing advanced-level professional training cohort. For 4 years, Matt co-created the Boys Explorers Club, a long term, outdoor youth mentoring program based on exploration, service, and connection. He is a graduate of the Kamana Naturalist Training program and is trained as a rite of passage guide with various organizations. He is a low ropes facilitator and a co-winner of Whatcom Dispute Resolution Center's Peacebuilder Award, as well as the author of A Place-Based Guide to Wonder.


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