This is the Home Base for resources that will help inform or clarify our work together. On occasion, I'll give you the link and/or password for a webpage that has a write-up on a particular practice. 

One resource that is good to start with is this TED talk by Shawn Achor. It's fun, funny, and filled with great practical information on happiness practices. Enjoy it! Truly, if you just do what he details in this talk, your life situation will improve. I suggest paying special attention to the practice of giving thanks. Thankfulness is like a homeopathic dose of good biochemistry in your system. At first, you may not notice much of a change (or you might), but over time, it will dramatically shift your baseline. If you do nothing else, watch this video and try giving thanks for one month.

Here is an excerpt from a mentor of mine speaking about deep nature connection

Other Resources

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Also, please check out the Blog for some more thoughts on this work.

For some resources on a biological approach to psychology, I recommend starting with A General Theory of Love.

For somatic psychology particularly, In an Unspoken Voice is a good start.

For a perspective on practical ecopsychology, Wild MindAnd a book by the same author focusing on developmental psychology is also a great read, Nature and the Human Soul.

The following resource is aimed toward mental health practitioners, so it might be dense, but it may be accessible for you. If not, no problem. It's a speech by a teacher of mine aimed at some somatic psychology perspectives. He also touches on our primal psychology and why it's important to orient and be aware. Here's the link.