Counseling is available for adults and youth.

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Counseling appointments will start with figuring out what your needs are now. We may work with sudden life events or long term mental, emotional, or behavioral patterns. We will use elements of somatics, mindfulness, and ecopsychology to encourage the transformation of these patterns and the revelation of a resilient, responsive, and empowered Self. Much of the work will be focused on using your own body systems, your natural relationships, and your mental landscape to create behavioral, structural, environmental, and biochemical conditions that yield health and resiliency.  




Counseling sessions may vary in location. We will either work in discrete outdoor locations in town or on the property on N Shore road (just past The Fork restaurant.) We do have the option of working indoors in the office on the N Shore property. Our first session will begin the process of getting to the heart of the matter and coming out with a vision for next steps in the journey. These sessions are usually an hour long. We will work together with the tools, the schedule, and the resources that you currently have and come up with a plan that will work best for you.

Adventure counseling options are available, such as extended wilderness therapy work and rites of passage and transitions work. Please contact me directly for this option.

Appointments and Other Specifics

We can talk on the phone or meet in person before setting up a full appointment.

For information on rates and on how to set up an appointment, please visit the Appointments Page.

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