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A Book For Us

What happens when a field guide includes the human heart and mind as an essential part of the Place? Like any good wander, A Place-Based Guide to Wonder roams through many different landscapes: from earth living skills to the leading edges of psychology, from personal reflections, to interviews, to revelations of the brilliance of other life forms. Sometimes serving as a practical guide. Sometimes providing a good story to help fertilize the soil of our beings. We wonder together about the vast potentials of being human with our Place. Together, we enter into the uncharted wilderness of how and who we could be. But through it all, we remain steadfast in grounding ourselves in some very earthy concerns, and we make sure that the most sacred and mysterious edges of our explorations can find their place on the tough, rocky sphere of the mundane.

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Matthew Fogarty serves as a counselor and mentor on the edge of Lake Whatcom near the Salish Sea coast. He holds a masters degree in ecopsychology from Naropa University. He has served professionally by developing multiple nature-connection and body-based programs, providing wilderness therapy, and teaching at the University level. He is a lifelong student of the wilderness, somatic psychology, and cross-cultural approaches to the mind-body-nature connection

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